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Why do people see a therapist? Psychotherapy and Counselling enable people to develop an understanding of themselves, which empowers them to make changes in their lives. Working within a safe and professional relationship, such as that with your therapist, helps individuals explore and resolve issues in their personal and other relationships.

To learn more about Counselling and Psychotherapy please click the link below for an article from PACFA, Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, of which Tao de Haas is a clinical member.


Presentation, workshops, Emotional Intelligence
Workshops, presentations
Let Tao inspire and educate your team at your next conference or training event. He can tailor make, with your imput, an entertaining and educational presentation that all levels of employees will enjoy and benefit from. Tao has had extremely high feedback from all his presentations, and has often been invited back by companies annually. Please see the testimonial page on our site for some reviews of his work. For informatin on topics, as well as hourly, half day and full day rates please email 
Online Webinars
A webinar is a live meeting that takes place over the web.  In this case we mean live training.  Tao has over 10 years experience in delivering Online Webinars and these can be a very cost effective and convenient way to deliver training to your employees. Online webinars can be tailored to your organisation's specific needs. These webinars can be delivered live and then kept 'on demand' for review or for those who may miss the live webinar. In todays fast paced environment, this method of training ticks many boxes with not only the organisation, but with the participants.
To see a list of some of the subjects available, click the link below.
Executive Coaching
Various studies have shown executive coaching adds significant value to both individuals and organizations. Coaching significantly enhances performance and is most effective in supporting managers and leaders in their role.People seek out coaching for many reasons. There may not be anyone at their level to confide in, they may be experiencing a 'block' which may inhibit their ability to move the organization forward, they may feel if they were to change or improve some of their own skills this may benefit the organisation. For more information click link below.





An independent consultant can get straight to any issues that may be blocking the success of an organisation. Maybe it is the way meetings are conducted, so many meetings are extremely inefficient and waste time, or maybe there is a problem with the 'culture' of the workplace and  'interpersonal' skills? There are many issues that can stop an organisation from reaching it's full potential. Let Tao help you pinpoint these issues and together come up with viable and effective solutions. For more information email at




Change Management
Skype Counselling, skype, counselling
Change Management
Change Management is "the management of change and development within a business or similar organisation". It can also be difficult and chaotic as tje brain often finds change quite difficult.  Tao can help with techniques that will not only help with change but will make it easier for your brain to embrace change. We live in an ever changing workplace and these skills are a 'must have'. To read more about how your brain resists change click the link below.
Skype consultation
During these challenging times, with the Covid pandemic, Tao is available for your convenience online consultation. Whilst not all counselling is suitable, many consultations are, and in between sessions can be beneficial especially if clients have a emergency or need some assistance between scheduled appointments. It is also a great way for busy executives to have an Executive Coaching session, whilst in their own office. Phone Tao or send him an email if you are interested in more information.
Smiling business women
Smiling corporate office team
The purpose is clear, the right people are present, and there is a systematic process in place to help the group achieve its goals in a timely and organized manner. This is what process facilitation is all about. It also enables teams to think more clearly, systematically, and effectively. The process starts with analyzing the needs of the event and working with the client to determine a clear purpose and end results. This is followed by careful pre planning and designing a process to meet the set objectives. Finally, having a  facilitator, who is not a member of the team facilitate the actual meeting ensures neutrality and effective group management skills. To enquire about Tao's facilitation fees, please email or telephone.
Conflict Resolution & Mediation
Conflict is an inevitable part of work. When we have a group of people with different needs and goals, intense anger and agression can be the result. The fact that it exists is not necessarily a bad thing, but only if it is resolved in a timely manner with all parties feeling that they have been understood or at least listened to.  Going through conflict can bring to the surface long hidden animosity and resolving these issues effectively  can eliminate theses hidden problems. Conflict is best resolved by a professional, third party person who will ensure a safe environment is provided to resolve any conflict quickly and successfully.   
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