Tao de Haas

DTM. Dip.CH. Grad Dip (SE) Master Applied Science(SE) Clinical Member CAPA. PACFA. ARCAP registered


Tao de Haas is a highly regarded Consultant, Speaker, Executive Coach, Counsellor and Facilitator. For over 30 years Tao has helped people develop their Communication and People skills especially in the area of Management and Leadership development. He is also a registered Clinical Psychotherapist, Social Ecologist and Educator. Tao works with individuals as well as small, medium and large organisations. Tao’s insightful, practical and inspirational skill development programmes are also delivered through his very popular and highly rated webinars. Tao has made regular appearances on national radio and television. Besides appearances on Channel 10, he has been a regular guest on Channel 7’s Sunrise and the ABC ‘s 7.30 Report has featured his work. Recently he contributed to ABC’s Australian story. Tao is a published author, his articles have appeared in various publications nationally and internationally. Most recently, he is the co-author of a book called Leadership Is Upside Down. Face to face sessions can be arranged at Gordon Sydney, the Central Coast and Blue Mountains. Consultations can also be conducted by phone and Skype. Tao can be contacted on 0418238248 or use the 'email' link above.


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